Welcome to Volume I, Issue 12, of The Jim Bucket List, an encyclopedic look at the things that "everybody ought to know"! Contents: Fare-Thee-Well: The End of a Run Poem: "The Broken Dish" by Thomas Hood Gong Hei Fat Choy! Poem: "Chinese New Year's Day" by Wang Anshi
PLUS Pliny the Elder, Tchaikovsky,
Plus Marcus Aurelius, Hiroshige, "Washington and the Cherry Tree," "The Cat and the Fiddle"
Plus Einstein, Socrates, "King Alfred and the Cakes," "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep"
Plus Newton, Days of the Week, Rabbit and Coyote, "The House That Jack Built"
Plus Rachel Carson, Charlemagne, "The Man Who Never Laughed Again," "One Two, Buckle My Shoe"
Galileo, Botticelli's La Primavera, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," "Monday's Child"
Treasure Island, Darwin's Journals, Alexander the Great, "Pecos Bill," "Going to St. Ives"
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The Jim Bucket List